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All roads lead to Rome for World Arthroplasty Congress 2018

After having recently returned from the World Arthroplasty Congress (WAC) 19-21 April 2018 in Rome, I am overwhelmed by the backlog of work I find patiently waiting at my desk, hence this delayed post.

The WAC is an annual event at which prominent joint replacement surgeons from around the planet meet, with a view to sharing expert knowledge and experience in the field of Arthroplasty (joint replacement surgery). Over the course of three days, 1100 delegates were able to exchange ideas on how to achieve the best result for their patients, and, familiarize themselves with current concepts on the cutting edge of joint surgery.

New developments included the design of an all new, “All ceramic HIP RESURFACING” implant by Prof Cobb in the UK. This may potentially revolutionize hip resurfacing, bringing the procedure back from the brink, by eliminating the complications of the current “All metal” resurfacing implants. This may be a game changer.



Other debates included the question on surgical approaches, and whether the so called minimally invasive “Direct Anterior Approach” (DAA) to the hip offers any benefits, specifically regarding accelerated rehab. I am sorry to disappoint any of its proponents, but the short answer is no. Currently, the World’s surgeons agree that there is no benefit of the DAA over conventional surgical approaches when patient outcomes are considered.

Meeting Prof Wayne Paprosky from the US for the second time was an honor once again. He has pioneered the treatment of revision joint replacement surgery around the world, and has become a household name amongst arthroplasty surgeons. What a privilege it is to meet one’s heroes.

The WAC was a resounding success thanks to the organizers- Medicongress have done a stellar job and set the bar really high for 2019. We have all gained much needed advice and knowledge on how to become our patients’ best surgeons.

The cherry on top of all this, is that I attended WAC with another hero of mine:

My dad, Dr Venu Naidu. He is also a Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, and lives and works in London, the United Kingdom. He joined me in Rome as a delegate of the Congress, to update his knowledge and skill in joint surgery as well, even though he is actually a “Foot and Ankle” expert. What a privilege it is to have attended this great event with my dad. My mentor. My hero.