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Good Day Marian,


In speaking to my Mom, Judy has asked me to please pass the message that there is no memory of anything other than the best experience.  My mom lives in Pretoria and gets checked by her doctor frequently who is amazed at the quality of the operation.   My mom is walking well, with just a walking stick and is extremely thankful for the surgery.


Please could you pass this message to the surgeons.  


Much appreciated!  

Andre Beley

Mrs JK Beley- May 2024

Two years ago, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in multiple injuries. In addition to bilateral femur fractures, I have met Dr Preyen Naidu at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital, an orthopaedic surgeon. From that day forward and over the two years, Dr Naidu was a very professional, honest, caring, loving individual who knew himself as well as his limitations and capabilities. My experience as a patient was impacted by that.

In addition to making sure that I am comfortable, he checked in with me frequently on a regular basis and discussed my prognosis based on my injuries and overall health on a regular basis. Moreover, he explained my different options going forward in terms of surgeries, what my prognosis would be with or without these surgeries, and how I would recover afterward.

When he explained what was going on to me, he made sure that I understood or grasped what was going on even in the background. Keeping me up to date and empowering me as a patient to make an informed decision regarding my health and well-being was reassuring from my perspective.

 In every instance when I had to undergo a procedure, I was given ample time to make a decision on the next step, as well as to consult with my loved ones and my priest. Despite being a doctor, he also respected my faith, and never rushed me to make a decision, but allowed me to practice my religion beliefs.


Unlike most clinicians, he cared not only about the fractures, but also about my mental and physical well-being. When the accident occurred, my firstborn was three years old, and my lastborn was three months old. He asked me many questions about my setup at home and our support system when he saw my family. I was advised to go for further rehabilitation first, so I don't become another baby for my wife, since it is going to be exhausting for her to care for us all physically and emotionally.

The reason for this is to ensure that I can handle most things on my own and with little help from my wife. Hence, he cared so much about our mental health that he booked me into a rehabilitation center for 2 weeks where I learned how to bathe, transfer from a wheelchair to a toilet, etc. In addition to receiving nursing care every day, I’ve also had a physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

There were also piles of paperwork from my work and insurances that Dr and Tania handled for me. Despite having to do this paperwork after hours, they did not ask for extra compensation.

When my medical aid coverage changed (during the 2 years), if I had surgery at Netcare Hospital, I would have to pay a copayment, but if I had surgery at another network hospital, there would be no copayment. The team (Dr Naidu and Tania) decided to perform the surgery at a different hospital to avoid any copayments from me and to avoid any financial hardship. Despite more administrative work and discomfort on their part, this was all for my comfort and stress-free experience.


Thank you for being part of my journey and for making it bearable. Thank thank thank you from the Wessels family, and may God be with you all for many years to come.

Mr Charlton Wessels- March 2024

Dear Dr. Naidu,


Since we left Cape Town, time seems to have dissolved into fresh air……and we‘re having a lot of that at the moment with temperatures being well below zero, an icy, strong wind and pelting rains which are keeping the minus temperatures good company????.........

.......As for the rest of my maladies, those too passed, and thanks to your magic touch and kind, considerate understanding help, our holiday was not totally ruined.

I must add that the staff of A&E on the Sunday that I went in, were wonderful in every respect and your follow up care was the final blessing. By the time we returned to Switzerland, my Baker’s cyst and all it’s extremely painful results , were just a very unpleasant memory, best to be forgotten.


As we now sit in mid-winter, so you are in the midsts of the warmth of mid-summer which, hopefully, you sometimes take time off to relax and enjoy.  All work and no enjoyment is not good for mind, body or soul????.


Dear Dr. Naidu, with my heartfelt thanks I add my most warm greetings and wishes that 2024 will be a Blessed, Beautiful and Health filled year for you and yours and at least one smile a day!

Please give Mrs. McMahon my kindest regards and best wishes!


Amber Isler


Mrs Isler Switzerland- Jan 2024

Dear Dr Naidu


Thank you for your email. I am pleased to have full marks on my x-ray report!


Sincere thanks for your prompt and courteous assistance at the hospital, following my admission after a bad fall. Your professional skills and surgical expertise have enabled me to walk again, for which I am truly grateful and appreciative. Your sewing skills are most accomplished too! The wound has healed in a clean, neat line.


Best regards


Mr Guy Glanvill- June 2023

Good morning,

I write this to express my satisfaction with the attention to detail and treatment from Dr Preyen Naidu after my recent accident. I really felt he cared for my wellbeing. Also, the friendly after care assistance I received and am still receiving from his assistant, Tania, is exceptional.

Kind regards,

S.P. Tredoux

Mrs SP Tredoux- May 2023

Dear Dr. Naidu,


A pleasure to hear from you.


It is not often that I can write any form of good testimonial for a surgeon as nearly all do not merit such.  However, But you Dr Naidu are the real exception.


I knew from the first consultation on the 19th October when I was already in hospital exactly what you would be doing and you put me totally at ease with no concerns about what was to happen in theatre.  When I went to theatre on  the 20th I could see what happens in theatre and I was more than impressed by the calm and friendly way in which you dealt both with me and the theatre staff in advance of surgery.  You treated your theatre staff with friendliness and dealt with them on an equal basis as opposed to behaving as though you were the boss and the staff had better remember that.


Subsequent to surgery you dealt with me in a friendly and totally professional manner and it was a pleasure (well as much as surgery can be!!) to have your opinion as to how surgery had gone.


Finally my appointment with you on the 7th December was a pleasure. You showed me exactly from the x-rays taken immediately prior to my appointment what had been done and how you were delighted how the operation and my subsequent recovery had gone.  You also showed me on the skeleton in your consulting rooms what had been done.


I can quite honestly say that my experiences with you could not have been better and if I have to undergo further surgery for example on my other hip, I would insist on you being the surgeon.


Best wishes,

Ian Swindale

Mr Swindale -Feb 2023

Thank you Dr P Naidu for giving me a new hip and giving me the ability to walk again.

For always being a professional Doctor and for always having the time to chat to me and answer all my questions.

Always recommend you to my family.

The food was also very good. Thank you for always being so kind and gentle and showing me support and (making me) feel comfortable with you operating on my hip.

Thank you so much Dr Preyen Naidu.


Estelle Yvonne Gill

90 years old.

Estelle Yvonne Gill 90 years old

Hello  again 

Marc wanted me to email you.  One of our sons is going to Capetown tomorrow. He’s the one that used to live there when he had the op. 

The conversation got round to Marc’s op which you did and we still believe may have saved his life. 

Marc is still taking the dogs for a 3 mile walk each day and still well. He turned 80 last October. He wishes to be remembered to you. 


Kind Regards



Marc and Sandra Adkins- United Kingdom Jan 2023

I'm robin GUILHEM, we met on February 17 during an operation for an open fracture of the peroneal tibia that I had suffered on February 16, 2022 in a surfing accident.

I have returned to France without any problems since March 3rd.

Since then I have been followed in France by a surgeon who told me that you had done a very good job and I thank you....

.....Thank you again for your superb work.




Robin Guilhem- March 2022

Thank you Tania


It was great to meet you this morning – and thank you for your kindness.


Please convey my deepest thanks to Dr Naidu for taking such a huge burden off my shoulders.  I cannot tell you the relief I felt when I left your offices.


There was a reason that I called yesterday and a reason that you could help me so quickly !


Without any hesitation I will be calling you to make the appointment come the time I have to have hip replacement surgery.  Dr Naidu  made me feel so at ease and I would not trust any other surgeon other than him.


Thank you again to you both !


Kind Regards


Lee Labuschagne

Lee Labuschagne- Feb 2022

Att: Dr Preyen Naidu


Dear Dr, 


Thank you so much for your excellence during the surgery. You made me believe that I could get better and so I did. I'm extremely thankful for your service, sincerity and loving behaviour. You are a blessing. The compassion with which you treat the patients is more effective than any medicine.

Ria Geldenhuys

(SE Geldenhuys) 

Mrs SE Geldenhuys- Dec 2021

Dear Dr Naidu


We so appreciate your advice and quick response to my Dad's current predicament.


They leave tomorrow for Bulawayo and will see their GP soonest to discuss the options going forward.


Thanks again

Thea Darlow 

Thea Darlow (Patient's Daughter)- October 2021

Hi Doc,

Dennis is surfing. Leg seems great.

Thank you very much.

The healing force is strong within you.

This is the son of my patient Deon Joubert- 90’s Touring Car Champion and the “Fastest Man” around Killarney.

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Deon Joubert (Father of Dennis)

Dear Dr Naidu

What a difference you made to my life and my bowls game!

I was literally hobbling around & eventually my hip was so painful I could hardly walk!! "Hip replacement needed" you said & went into great detail explaining "all the things that could happen if one ignores the after op instructions" You also added that this hip replacement "Is not one of God's parts"

3 months later I was back on the bowling green, walking on the beach & playing with my grandchildren without any pain whatsoever.

Thank you so much...greatly appreciated.

Maureen Koen

Dear Dr Naidu

I just wanted to thank you for the way in which you handled my recent ankle surgery.  I particularly appreciate the open, frank way in which you explained everything pre surgery which gave me confidence about undergoing the procedure particularly as someone who has never undergone an operation and being very nervous.

Also very much appreciate you giving me detailed information about what to expect and not creating any unrealistic expectations post the operation.  I am delighted at the outcome and cannot thank you enough to the professional job you did

And a special word of thanks to Tania

A further lovely touch was that you matched me with a physio therapist that is best suited to me with whom I share the common interest of yoga - a particularly nice touch from you - thank you

I am so grateful that you were the one to do my surgery and have enjoyed our post operative appointments very much - friendly, professional giving realistic advice 


Wishing you much success 

Take care & be well

Othélia Lewis

Othelia Lewis- March 2021

Dear Dr Naidu,

I must congratulate you on the surgery you performed on my hip. I am sure that by now I have fully recovered. My mobility has improved drastically and I have no more pain at all. I would also like to extend my thanks to Tania who has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I was treated not also as patient but also as a friend.

Thank you again for the excellent surgery.

Best Regards,

Dieter Knapp

Mr Knapp- Feb 2021

Thank you very much for your kindness and everything you have done for us in this very stressful situation.


Best regards

Sandra & Allan Whale

Sandra & Allan Whale- Jan 2021



I would like to compliment you on your receptionist, Tania for excellent service.


She is very professional and gives the correct information and help with regard to the medical aid and any other relevant matters.


She is an asset to you, Dr Naidu.




Margi Thompson

Mrs M Thompson- December 2020

Dear Dr Naidu,

Now that I have had my final consultation for quite a while, Marlene, and I as well as our family would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful procedure you did after my fall. The prospect of being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life was a gloomy one, but thanks to you that has all changed. All we can say is thank goodness it was you who attended to me!


Thank you for giving Marlene and myself your time and making us feel as if I was your only patient. Your honesty and your manner of approach to a very difficult situation with my surgery is truly commendable. It was really appreaciated that you took the time to constantly update Marlene about my situation in hospital.


On my first follow-up appointment after the operation and being at the Step-Down facility, you were tops in spotting that I potentially had a heart problem and had me admitted to hospital straight away. We cannot but also mention Tania, who is a wonderful person and is a compliment to your practice.


Yesterdays visit was the cherry on top for all of us as I was able to, with the aid of a walker, walk into your consultaion rooms which was not a prospect a few months ago!


Once more a million Thanks to you and your wonderful team from all of us.


Yours Thankfully

Douglas Sherwin

Douglas Sherwin

I just want to let you know that I am much better 99%.


And I also and proud to call you my best Doctor for the treatment I got from you.


I walk most of the day alone without support all thanks to you.


Every thing of the best.


From Oompie and Aunty.

Mrs Anna Chandler- 15 June 2020

Dr Naidu


I want to thank your for your proffesional service and kindness towards me and Oompie my husband.


I keep you informed as things progress.



Mrs Anna Chandler.

Mrs Anna Chandler- 4 May 2020

“We wish to thank Dr Preyen Naidu, Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing out of the Netcare Hospital in Blaauberg, for administering Medical Care and Surgery to my 85 year old mom when she broke her hip in July this year.   My mom relocated to Johannesburg after the required operation, which has been determined and experienced as a success from Dr Thomas Hanck, Orthopaedic Surgeon in Bedfordview Gardens, Johannesburg.  

The whole process, which even for a younger person would be harrowing, was handled in the most professional manner. We were kept up to date with every process/requirement and guidelines for aftercare and recovery and this certainly influenced the rapid pace of rehabilitation. We would most certainly highly recommend Dr Naidu and his Team for anybody wishing a professional but caring medical intervention.”

Mrs Judy O' Connor - October 2019

" On the 23 January 2019 Cameron Visagie my husband was involved in a motorcycle accident late afternoon on his way home from work. Dr. Naidu was the surgeon who saw us on the evening we were admitted and assured us we in good hands. At that point as a family we just desperate to have our loved ones seen to but Dr. Naidu was attentive and showed empathy. The following morning Cameron had surgery and Dr. Naidu gave us comforting words that the surgery would be all fine we in good hands post surgery he showed kindness again and assured me all had went well. We have since had complications with Cameron's recovery due to the complexity of the injuries suffered due to the accident and Dr. Naidu together with Tania his Office Manager have shown us professionalism and kindness to date as we currently are still in Dr. Naidu's rooms care."


Mr Cameron Visagie- August 2019











Mrs J Mills- July 2019

We would like to thank everyone involved in the care of our mother whilst she was in your hospital (13 – 26 September) undergoing a hip operation.


She passed away peacefully on the 1st November, in her home surrounded by her family and carers. We are thankfull that she had such wonderful doctors and staff who helped both her, myself and my brother through the difficult time.


Best regards

Elaine & Mark

Kathleen Gardner- November 2018

Hello Dr Naidu

Greetings to you also from Cheshire UK

It was so nice to hear from you. 

I hope you are doing well both personally and professionally 
We remain most grateful for all the support and care I received from you over Xmas 2016 through to January 2017

My knees are in good shape.  Very little discomfort.   I walk my dogs 3/4 miles every day and lead a perfectly normal life. 

Sometimes after sitting for a couple of hours I’m a little stiff but my left knee is no different from my right knee. You will remember i had had both knees replaced 

I have not found it necessary to seek further medical help with my knees after my recovery following my operation with yourself. Only rarely do I find it necessary to take painkillers. 

Clearly your work was most successful in the long term and life saving in the short term 

Thank you again so much 

Kindest Regards 
Marc Adkins 
and Sandra Adkins  


Marc and Sandra Adkins- August 2018

Dear Dr Naidu


I refer to the surgery my wife had on 5 February 2018 at theNetcare Blaauwberg Hospital for a fractured bone at the right elbow which has now healed almost completely.

In particular we wish to thank you and your Receptionist (Tania McMahon) for the care and professional manner in which you handled the matter in Hospital and at your Surgery.

We always felt comfortable with the ease of our communication.

We will recommend our family and friends to you for any Orthopaedic related matters.


Kind Regards

Mr & Mrs Baguley.

Mr & Mrs Baguley - April 2018

Hello Dr.Naidu, I wish to thank you for my visit 7 March 2018 to your office.

With my knees pain assesment, your honesty & professionalism was greatly

appreciated, while putting the sharpening of knives to rest in my mind.

Thank You,

Sincerely, John Antonello..

John Antonello - March 2018

Update August 2017:

"...I am so grateful for your expertise...Thanks for everything."


Update October 2017:

"Hi Dr Naidu. Just had physio. All good, I am very pleased with progress. Thank you for everything."

"...it's going great with the foot, thanks ever so much, you are a genius and a craftsman."


Update November 2017:

"Hi Dr Naidu. I just came back from the Car magazine performance Shootout in Durban at Dezzi Raceway. All good and was able to push brake pedal hard with my left foot. Thanks so much again. 

Kind Regards"


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Deon Joubert - Jan 2018

Dear Dr. Naidu

I only realised later on how extremely fortunate I was to have you as the doctor to take the lead on my rather complicated situation, and I am forever great full that the helicopter took me to Blaauwberg Netcare, although it was not their first or second choice. I do not think that there is a better hospital with better patient care anywhere else.

I took you as a pessimist at the beginning but now I understand that you are very careful and rather under promise and over deliver. Thank you for not taking my arm, I know it must have been a difficult decision and a great risk, and thank you for arranging and liaising all the other excellent doctors that help to get me in the best shape that I can be considering what my body had to endure.

What I find especially awesome about you is that you will gladly refer another doctor if you feel that they would be better suited for a specific operation. I feel that you always want to offer your patient the best care, unconditionally, your patient comes first.

I can highly recommend you and will always come back to you for any future issues that I might have. Your Faithfull patient from the first of October 2017

Mr Eckehard Sixt- Jan 2018

Dear Dr Naidu,
I was privileged that you could be my Surgeon, together with your Specialized Team and would like to thank you very very much indeed that the surgery was such a success, not to mention a painless and swift recovery.

It is now six weeks ago since my surgery on 1/9/2017 and passed my orthopaedic review with x-rays today, with flying colours.
From the first day after the op I was able to stand and walk and since then to date experienced no pain at all. Just got stronger every day.

At 82 years of age, this was my first operation and first time spent in Hospital – one week in Blaauwberg and one week at Intercare, where I received only the best and loving care.

At Intercare the Physiotherapist who came twice a day was impressed with my exercises at the gym, walking up and down 20 stairs and walking with crutches down the passages – starting from 30meters and on the Discharge date 13/9/2017 – 180 meters. I could walk without crutches already, but was told – not so fast!!

Once again many thanks and much appreciated.
With best wishes,

M J Snyman


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Mrs MJ Snyman - October 2017

Testimonial – Dr Naidu

I am a 48 year old male that sustained multiple injuries and fractures during a motorcycle accident in October 2016. I was hospitalized for several weeks and underwent multiple surgeries. One of the major injuries I have sustained was a fractured left hip. Emergency surgery was performed at the time but despite the surgeon’s best efforts the surgery was unsuccessful.
It left me deformed and immobile, my left leg was much shorter that the right that placed extreme pressure on the lower back and spine when attempting to walk. After many months of pain and discomfort and not being able to walk without crutches and a built up shoe. I was referred to Dr Naidu to find a suitable solutions to my unique problem.
Dr Naidu has been a huge influence in my life and health since we first met on 26 April 2017. After several consultations with Dr Naidu he recommended hip replacement surgery. He explained the whole process to me in laymen’s terms. He made sure I understood the risks and expected outcomes of the surgery, even provided me with literature and website addresses where I could educate myself even further.
Dr Naidu is very passionate about his job, it’s rather a calling than a job to him, a quality one rarely finds nowadays. He is kind, compassionate and has not only the patients physical but also the emotional well-being at heart. He strives for the best possible outcome for his patients.
Dr Naidu performed the life changing surgery on 24 July 2017, it was a gruelling 5 hour operation as this was no ordinary hip-replacement. He had to do corrective surgery by first reversing the failed implant and then only the new joint could to be inserted. I was ecstatic when I woke up and learned that surgery was a huge success, he even managed to lengthen the leg that they are both the same length again.
I could not wait to get up from that hospital bed to start with my rehab programme, I wanted to walk and ride my bike again as soon as possible. I was very active before the accident, losing the use of my leg, mobility and independence was a huge blow to me.
I am delighted to say that after many months of rehab I am walking without support, I am able to lead a ‘normal life’ again after a year of much pain, agony and frustration. My wife and I will be forever grateful that Dr Naidu came into our lives. We would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his exceptional skill, expertise and care, without his dedication our lives would have been a very uncomfortable place.
I will recommend he’s services to anyone, anytime, anywhere. ???
Bernard Grace


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Mr Bernard Grace- October 2017

10 September 2017

Dr Preyen Naidu performed hip replacement surgery on my right hip on 10 July 2017.
During the pre-operative stage, my post-operative stay in hospital, as well as the rehabilitative and recovery periods, Dr Naidu was professional, informative, caring, kind and considerate.
Throughout the process he always made sure that both my partner and I fully understood the mechanics of the procedure, as well as the physical and emotional implications and effects of the surgery.
At no time did I get the sense that I was just another patient and I always felt that Dr Naidu listened to and internalised my specific worries and needs, as well as the circumstances of my particular case.
In addition, Dr Naidu’s support staff, from his admin people to the physiotherapists he works with, are among the friendliest, most skilled and professional members of the medical profession I have encountered in the course of my many procedures.
If I ever require orthopaedic surgery of any nature in the future I will not go to anyone else.
I recommend Dr Naidu and his practice unreservedly to any patient looking for the best possible orthopaedic medical care.

Nico Johan Rens

Nico Johan Rens - September 2017

“I was referred to Dr Naidu when my Neurosurgeon suggested that my back was not the cause of my pain but my hips. Dr Naidu was professional when manipulating my body, as uncomfortable and painful as it was his was reassuring the whole time. His bedside manner was exceptional and you could really feel that he cares and sympathizes with the discomfort you’re in at the time..."

Melissa Combrink - September 2017

I wish to place on record, the Professional and greatly appreciated Humane, and sympathetic Care I received from Dr NAIDU.
From the moment I met him, he made me feel at ease with his calm and sincere manner.
I had a right hip replacement done by him on 26/6/2017. Pre- operatively he took time and special care, patiently explaining the possible complications to me. However, he made me feel at ease with his positive attitude, that the operation would be a success.
Instead of me feeling anxious and apprehensive about the operation, I looked forward to the success of the operation.
As expected, post-operatively, I had very little pain, and of course, the operation was a success.
I was discharged on the 29/6/2017.A happy patient, with the Best wishes
From Dr NAIDU for my recovery & was looking forward to my next examination.

Mrs Mavis Gordon- Nurse at Blaauwberg Netcare with a fractured right hip August 2017

Good morning Dr Naidu,


Thank you so much for your email and the letter.


It means so much to have been able to email you and receive replies regarding my father's condition and just to know that you have all been taking such good care of him.


Been away from home so often is difficult and this experience was pretty horrific for both parties however I appreciate all you have done to alleviate the worry.


Kind regards



Shaun Russouw- Father treated for fractured hip- July 2017

To say Dr. Naidu is exceptional would be an understatement.

I’d fractured my ankle 11 September 2016 which required him to performed surgery to repair it. Dr. Naidu expertly attached a plate and screws in order for the joint to heal perfectly.

He was extremely considerate, attentive, understanding, accommodating, with a remarkable bedside manner. Dr. Naidu never hesitated to reply to any of my emails, answering all my questions with genuine concern.

On top of that, he is an extremely capable surgeon. Dr. Naidu was thorough and his attention to detail is astonishing. He never seemed rushed during our appointments, in-spite of him being really popular and busy.

His office staff was always kind and helpful. I couldn’t have had a better office or surgeon.

Dr. Naidu’s skill level, bedside manner, and commitment to his trade combine to make him the best choice in orthopedic surgery and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Past patient,

Andréa Lubbe



Andrea Lubbe - May 2017

On the 18th of January 2017 I broke my hip and was admitted to Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital.

On the 23rd of January a  full hip replacement  was done on my left hip.

On the 24th  of January my rehabilitation therapy treatment started in the ward while still in bed.

On the 25th of January I was out of bed and walking with frame, assisted by Ashley the physiotherapist

On the 26th of January I started walking with crutches under supervision with Ashley and did stairs

I was discharged on the afternoon of the 27th.

Two weeks later, at my first check up with Dr Naidu, I arrived in wheelchair .

Dr Naidu asked me to walk with both my crutches in rooms thereafter asked to walk with one crutch after that he asked me if I saw fit to walk without crutches which I did.

On the 15th of Feb I started to drive the car and on 1st of March I started to ride my motorcycle

On the 9th of March at my next check up, the plaster was removed and I did exercise with Dr Naidu and  I even demonstrated how well I could dance.

To date I have no discomfort whatsoever and a very excellent job was done.

I must say Dr Naidu is very dedicated to his work, an excellent specialist in his field and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring a hip replacement.


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Mr Christoffel Van Zyl - May 2017

Dr Preyen Naidu

Lying in hospital when 73 next birthday awaiting a hip replacement is not to be recommended. However, by the time I was at the door of the operating theatre I was in a much happier frame of mind thanks to the trouble that Dr Naidu had taken to get to know me and my lifestyle and explain and discuss the various options available to me.

Quite clearly the work done by Dr Naidu and his team was of the best as I was walking unaided 5 days after the operation and am now, 3 weeks later, walking over 10,000 steps per day, swimming and even doing some gentle indoor cycling. And all this with no pain even though I only used the milder of the pain killers available and for only 6 days after the operation.

Thank you Dr Naidu for all your efforts which now leave me on the road to getting back to an active lifestyle going forward.

Once again thanks.

Stuart Coeshall - April 2017

January 2017: Update


"Dear Dr Naidu

As requested I am keeping you updated.
Thanks to yourself, Dr Barnard, your team at Blaauwberg Hospital and to my family in Capetown, my wife and I were safely repatriated by our insurance company to the UK on 12th January... "

"...May I once again thank you and your team for all your work. You more than achieved our mutually agreed objective of getting me fit to fly home. I am so grateful."


February 2017 : Update


Dear Dr Naidu

Yes Mr Pradhan was very impressed with your work. We also have nothing but praise for your care of Marc.

We will definitely keep you updated.


April 2017 : Update


Dear Dr Naidu

We've been to see Mr Pradhan with the blood test results this morning. He says you have done a brilliant job. Everything is normal.

We want to thank you once again for everything.  Your quick action and expertise has done the trick against the odds.


Marc Adkins - January, February and April 2017

Dear Dr Preyen Naidu,

I would hereby like to thank you on behalf of my mother, myself and our family for the outstanding way in which you handled my mother’s surgery.

You did not hesitate to do the surgery on my mother, even though she is 90 years old.

You kept us informed of the complications at all times in a sympathetic  manner. We will definitely recommend you.

Kindly can you thank the personnel from the surgery ward and intensive unit on our behalf as well as the other Doctor’s that were involved in her well being.

My mom is recovering very well and is walking better and better by the day.

Thank you very much again!!!


Connie Botes - June 2016

Good day Dr Preyen Naidu,


My name is Jami-Lee Siebritz. I came in with my little boy (with the left leg limping) yesterday.


I really just want to say thank you for such amazing treatment and follow up. Thank you for referring Dr Omarjee – she's an amazing person and I'm going to make her my son’s permanent pediatrician. My son's walking is improving so much, and he has a follow up on Friday morning with Dr Omarjee.


Keep well and keep doing such amazing work!

Kindest regards


Jami-Lee Siebritz - April 2016


Suite C2-7. Second Floor, Block C,
Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital,
Waterville Crescent
Cape Town