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Surgery Philosophy

Dr Naidu was trained by Professors Goga and Govender and has imbibed their ethos of commitment to the patient's journey of recovery and to put the patient first.

Aristotle is quoted as having said: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Dr Naidu practices medicine and surgery to these exact words. It is his belief that he was trained by some of the best surgeons in their field to practise medicine safely. All joint replacement surgery is practised and performed according to the same standards and methods he was taught. These methods, procedures, and surgical approaches have been in practice successfully for the last 60 years.

All elective hip replacements are performed via the posterior approach, while replacement following hip fracture is performed via the anterolateral approach. Dr Naidu's training has made him habituated in this practice, thus resulting in Aristotle's words: "excellence..."

Dr Naidu does not currently offer the direct anterior approach or minimally invasive surgical approach in hip replacement, as he feels that it does not allow him to perform surgery to the standards set by his mentors. Dr Naidu has strong convictions with regards to Aristotle's words: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

"14.13 Minimally invasive techniques have been applied to the posterolateral, anterolateral and anterior surgical approaches. The use of multiple incision minimally invasive techniques has also been described for hip replacement. The claimed benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement have not been reproduced in randomised clinical trials and concerns have been raised about increased complication rates using these techniques. " - CURRENT GUIDELINES FOR BEST PRACTICE IN PRIMARY ARTHROPLASTY SURGERY IN SOUTH AFRICA 2016, ENDORSED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION, AND THE SOUTH AFRICAN ARTHROPLASTY SOCIETY.

Guidelines for Surgery in South Africa:

Guidelines for Best Practice in Primary Hip Replacement Surgery in South Africa 2016 – ABF – PDF

Guidelines for Best Practice in Primary Knee Replacement Surgery – PDF

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